'Tis the season for shopping! Shopping is what I was born to do - my first word was actually "shopping!" But I am also a fairly frugal person. So, I do not burn a hole in my wallet without first making sure I got the best possible deal.

Now, before the pandemic, I mostly only shopped in-store for stuff I wanted. Pretty much the only things I would order online were from Amazon or MAC Cosmetics. Other than that, I have been adamant that I want to be in-store to see, touch, and trying on everything. I was all about the in-store experience.

But online shopping has really evolved (even this year). And since I never know which of my favorites stores are closed due to COVID or have really odd hours, I really rely on online shopping. And it is great! Seriously, the deals are usually better online than in-store.

Like I said, I was born to shop and I love to save! Keep reading to learn some of my favorite shopping discount tips and tricks (both in-store and online)! You will love saving so much money during the holidays.

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