Are you married? I am not (shocker I know). Thinking about making that big move? Will it be traditional - get down on one knee and pop the question? Will you deliver a long sappy speech or just a "Rip Off The Bandaid" quick kind of thing (if that's truly how you feel maybe it's NOT the right time).

 Will you make it a spectacle - an event?

I had a friend in Fargo who planned for all his friends to be with him on a camping trip when he delivered his proposal. I'm guessing he felt more confident with a support group. When I lived in Minot, a next-door neighbor felt compelled to take the hand of his girlfriend and proposed at a rodeo ( keeping clear of course from where he knelt - cow dung and all )

 The Scenery makes a huge difference (does it?)

North Dakota is decked out with amazing places to keep your fingers crossed at - Medora has to be up there when it comes to wedding proposals. Here is a halfway original idea - how about the Sky Zone here in Bismarck? Nothing says I love you more when both of you are jumping on a trampoline. Our very own Bismarck capital has seen an invitation or two - a couple of weeks ago a guy I golfed with told me she said "Yes" there.

  Finally, sometimes great intentions are not well received

Well now that I have you motivated, and ready to ask that lucky man or woman to marry you - just remember this - Be prepared for anything!


   Dust yourself off and move on - the strong are those that overcome obstacles.


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