Tori Spelling is changing up her look in the wake of her much-publicized marriage troubles.

The actress and reality star showed off her brand new locks on Instagram last night, flaunting a fun and flirty chin-length bob that she (gasp!) cut herself.

"Here's my new hair cut. I chopped it all off myself last nite at midnite," Spelling captioned the photo, using the hashtags, "#FutureHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #MultitaskingMama."

Usually the decision to cut your hair by yourself at midnight is the stuff that sleepover nightmares are made of, but Spelling actually did a pretty impressive job: the length not only looks perfectly even (definitely a concern we would have if we were to cut our hair ourselves!), but she even threw in some face-framing angles as well. Super cute!

And it makes sense that Spelling would go for a late-night chop, considering she has four kids and those precious evening hours may be the only chance that the mama has some time to herself.

What do you think of Tori Spelling's at-home haircut? Check out her Instagram snap above!

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