It's a risky time to travel, and people are experiencing setbacks while trying to get home from other countries. KFYR has a story about North Dakotans from Williston who are currently Stuck in Peru. Check out the story below:

WILLISTON, N.D. - A group from the Liberty Evangelical Church in Williston were on a mission trip in Peru, when the pandemic spread, causing all flights to be canceled.

Now the five North Dakotans are trying to figure out how to get home.

Gary and Kari Everett left for Peru the first week of March, when there were no reported cases of coronavirus in North Dakota or Peru.

Within the first week of their service work, they received news the pandemic spread and closed down all travel.

They've since met up with another group from Williston, but are now stuck in a cycle of flights getting canceled.

What began as a two week mission trip, soon turned in to a third week of being stranded in another country.

"It did happen very quickly, that is correct. The changes happened within a couple of days," said Mike Cannon, a Williston resident.

On Monday the Peruvian President implemented a travel ban, stranding the five Williston citizens.

"No domestic flights would fly, and no international flights would come in," said Cannon.

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