Funny as it might sound to hear that bling-encrusted rapper Tyga is struggling to pay the astronomical rent on his Malibu home, the mayor of 'Rack City' says the whole thing is a misunderstanding -- and he has the swanky new address to prove it.

According to a lawsuit filed by Tyga's Malibu landlord, the MC has basically been squatting in his property while refusing to pay his $16,000 a month rent -- but in a TMZ exclusive, Tyga says he's already living 20 miles away in a freshly purchased $6.5 million mansion.

According to a representative for the artist, Tyga's new digs take up an impressive 9,279 square feet -- enough room for plenty of coconut juice -- and the lawsuit was filed as a last-ditch effort to "keep Tyga locked in the lease because he can't find anyone to cover the hefty rent in such a crappy economy."

In between touring his new seven-bedroom, eight-bath estate, Tyga is at work on the follow-up to his Top Five hit album, last February's 'Careless World: Rise of the Last King.' The new LP, titled 'Hotel California,' doesn't have a release date yet, but he's been keeping busy on the side -- his latest mixtape, 'Well Done,' dropped in late August.

Watch the Tyga 'Rack City' Video