A University of Connecticut freshman is in legal trouble after assaulting a food services manager in the student union because the manager refused to serve him the mac and cheese he ordered.

Luke Gatti, 19, from Bayville, New York, walked into the food court on the UConn campus with an open container of beer in his hand and demanded he be served bacon jalapeno mac & cheese.

Seeing the open container, and that Gatti appeared to already be intoxicated, the manager exercised his right to refuse service.

Caught on surveillance video, Gatti threw an epithet-laced tantrum, ranting that it's a free country, and why can't he just have a beer, adding, "Just give me some f------ bacon jalapeno mac & cheese."

When refused again, Gatti uttered a homophobic slur and shoved the manager, at which time another employee tackled him while authorities were notified. Gatti was arrested shortly after.

This isn't the first time Gatti, a former University of Massachusetts student, has landed himself in trouble at school. Last year, he was arrested on disorderly conduct charges, once verbally assaulting a police officer with a racial slur.