The University of North Dakota's annual, unofficial end of spring semester party has officially been canceled.

For years, SpringFest would mark the end of the spring semester for UND students, but the event's usual organizers have decided not to host it in 2015 and officials are requesting that alcohol availability be severely restricted during the time the event would be taking place, according to The Grand Forks Herald.

UND President Robert Kelly provided the following statement to The Grand Forks Herald, regarding SpringFest:

We've gotten to the point where it's hard to stretch your imagination to find its redeeming value. The students go into finals week, and they're not at their best. We have safety and security issues across the board, toxicity from abusive substances. This isn't good, so let's go in another direction.

Rhombus Guys pizzeria had been organizing the event for many years, but decided to back out, due to the event's controversial nature.

Instead of SpringFest, UND officials hope to organize events throughout the school year that don't involve the consumption of alcohol.

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