The University of Mary may have to build a new trophy case because their teams are bringing home the championships in 2021!

It's cool to win one championship.

It's a challenge to win back-to-back championships.

It's a testament to your people and your program when your team wins 3 championships in a row!

But over the weekend, that's exactly what the University of Mary Marauders did, winning their 3rd straight Northern Sun Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championship Title.  Despite being ranked 12th in the Conference, the Marauders turned to history to turn it up on the track. This program is no stranger to being on the top of the podium.  The women's squad has won 10 titles in 14 years.  Seems easy enough to haul out the "dynasty" tag and award it to this program.  These terrors on the track are far from finished, according to, members of the team have already automatically qualified for the NCAA Championships May 27-29 in Allendale, Michigan.

These women didn't just win the NSIC title, the crushed the competition...

UMary, ranked 12th in the country, generated an impressive 174 points over the three-day meet to outscore #8 Minnesota State University, which finished with 157. Augustana, who led the field entering day three, finished third with 90 points.

They nearly doubled Augustana's point total.  Note that Augustana was on top coming into the third and final day.  The Marauders did it on the track and all across the field.  If you haven't yet- click here to see more of the amazing personal performances.

Earlier this year, the University of Mary's men's hockey team took the ACHA Division II championship.  The first title of it's type for the program  Since entering the scene 3 years ago, the Marauders hockey squad won 39 games in it's first season but were unable to compete for the championship because, apparently first year programs can't compete for an ACHA title.(I feel like that can't be right).  In their second year, the men once again won 39 games but COVID cancelled their trip to the tourney.  Year 3, they took home the trophy.

Exciting year to be a U Mary athlete.  Let's give 'em all a hand!!

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