A sad day has come for a video format that so many of us grew up on.

When I was younger, I remember being excited as I would go to the video rental store, or the local supermarket that had a special department where you could rent movies. The shelves were stacked with VHS tapes. Each VHS tape had a sticker reading, "Please Be Kind, Rewind." What I didn't realize at the time was this tape that contained this video that I couldn't wait to watch, would someday be known as dead technology. And that day has come.

In Japan, Funai Electric, the last company making VCRs, has announced that it's ceasing its production of the product. The company claims this is "due to declining sales and difficulty acquiring parts." Although this home video format was on life support for so many years, the metaphorical plug is now being pulled. The VHS was 40 years old.

VCRs were initially built in the 1970s. The VHS (video home system) would flourish as it defeated its competitor Betamax and soared into the 1980s and 1990s. But with the evolution of technology and limited capabilities, VHS would soon be replaced by its offspring, DVD.

Despite the success of the DVD, it is also having trouble surviving in these difficult times where Blu-ray and online streaming are battling it out for world dominance. Let us not forget that VHS paved the way for the formats of home video that we enjoy now.

However, this is the era of the comeback. Several things are popular again like vinyl or Nintendo. If Pokemon can come back to take over everyone's lives, so can VHS, right? Probably not, but it will certainly not be forgotten.

VHS 1976-2016

Source: Screen Crush