If you thought all summer travel activities were going to be postponed until 2021, there's good news - The Happiest Place on Earth will be reopening next month. Get ready to book your flight to California, because Disneyland getting ready to let people back into the park.

Yesterday (June 11) on Twitter, Disneyland made the announcement that they're planning a reopening in the near future. The tweet says that rather than doing one big opening, the park will open in phases. So, if you're itching to get out of North Dakota for some family fun, you might want to plan a trip to California.

I went to Disneyland once, I believe I was twelve. I remember it being magical. I'm sure it will be almost as magical even now. I don't currently have any set-in-stone summer plans, but a Disneyland trip would totally be a fun getaway. Are you going to plan a family trip to California when Disneyland reopens next month?

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