During this week's episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' North Dakota was the setting for a sketch entitled 'Diego Calls His Mom.'

In the sketch, Diego, who is played by host Lin-Manuel Miranda, goes into a phone booth in the middle of a cornfield to call his mom and tell her all about his new life in North Dakota.

Diego tells his mom all about about the North Dakota cuisine, which includes marshmallow salad, mac and cheese, Twinkies, big mounds of yellow and orange food, and more.

He also tells her about his 'bud' Preston, who is a quarterback, drives a pickup truck, and has baby blue eyes. Preston and Diego visit places like Wal-Mart, 7-11, cornfields, Ultra Wal-Mart, and Ultra-7-11.

While in North Dakota, Diego has also picked up some American phrases, including 'hit the road, jack,' and 'these immigrants are coming to steal our jobs.'

Finally, Diego informs his mom that everything in America is carpeted, before bidding her farewell with a 'see you later, alligator.'

You can watch the sketch in its entirety above or by clicking HERE.

Next week's 'Saturday Night Live' will be hosted by Emily Blunt. The musical guest will be Bruno Mars.

[Saturday Night Live via NBC.com]