It's National Chicken Tenders Day and Wendy's is celebrating appropriately. Wendy's will give away free chicken tenders on Friday (July 27th) if you know the secret password.

Wendy's may be known for their square burger, but they certainly know how to appeal to their customers by celebrating National Chicken Tenders Day the right way.

That's right! Free chicken tenders and all you have to do is utter the password phrase, 'Winner, Winner Chicken Tender.' Yeah, it's going to sound so weird when you say it, but I would honestly belt out Celine Dion's 'My Heart Would Go On' if free chicken tenders were at stake. Sure, it's silly, but we're talking about free food here-nay, free Wendy's, which is amazing!

Your biggest decision regarding today's promotion should be, 'What sauce am I going to dip these delicious tenders in?' That may require some thought, but when it comes down to it, just remember that you can never go wrong with ranch.

Happy National Chicken Tenders Day, everyone! Enjoy some free Wendy's today!

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