It's not enough that our cellular devices are in our faces all the time, now they're self-destructing.

We live in a society where our phones are important to us. Some of us can't bear to function without our trusty cellular device at our side at all times. I promise not to go off on a tangent about having our face in our phone while having company present because that is a discussion for another time. While it's important to keep our technology handy, lately it has been failing us.

Just today, Samsung issued a recall on all Galaxy Note 7 phones, because they're literally exploding. They come with the worst defect in the history of all product defects. If you gave someone one of those for their birthday recently, congratulations, you just gave the worst birthday present of all time, a device that may literally set them on fire.

However, that isn't the only phone that has failed us. And yes, everything I mention from here on out will be much less dangerous than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There was the recent upgrade to the iPhone 7. Sure, it has longer battery life, a better camera, maybe a sleeker design, but guess what it doesn't have? A headphone jack! Oh, but don't worry, you don't need headphones with these new wireless Air Pods, which not only cost $159 a pair, but you're also sure to lose them before you leave the cell phone store. People are so desperate to have their headphone jack, they followed directions on a parody YouTube video that shows them how to drill a 3.5mm hole in their brand new iPhone 7.

But wait, there's more! If you have an iPhone and chose to download the latest iOS 10 update, you may have had problems with bricking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery life, random reboots, third-party applications, lag, issues with Touch ID, problems with Apple Music, and photo syncing issues. Pretty much everything that was supposed to be cool about the iPhone in comparison to the Android, is having problems after the iOS 10 update.

Some of these problems have since been fixed with the iOS 10 update. I also understand that Apple is currently developing a case that will remedy the "no headphone jack" problem. But until then, I will not update, nor will I upgrade my iPhone. I'm just happy to have one that won't literally blow up in my pants. I'm looking right at you Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This leads me to ask the question, as Jerry Seinfeld would, "What is the deal with cell phones?"