There's plenty of great free things to do in North Dakota. But let's say you have $20 in your pocket and you want to splurge.

Surely you can just pop some tags, but there's something else you can do too. The website Izismile listed the coolest things you can do in each state if all you have is $20.

According to the site, the coolest thing to do for $20 is visit the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation.

They have artifacts from Native Tribes that Lewis and Clark interacted with when they came through the area among many other things. Admission for one adult is just $7.50 which means for your $20 you can take a friend or a significant other with you. Students from kindergarten through college get in for free.

Find out more about the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation and plan your visit here.

What do you think is the coolest thing you can do in North Dakota for $20 or less?