A brilliant green spectacle was seen over the Bismarck Mandan skies early Saturday morning at 3:03 am.  Here's a video that was sent to me by Bismarck resident Amanda Ridl.  It's pretty impressive.

Looks like something out of a Hollywood Movie.  In fact, if I would've seen it first hand, I would've said we need to call Will Smith immediately.  Amanda Ridl lives northeast of Bismarck, and her backyard cam caught the glowing fireball.  Her cam was facing to the east.

What's interesting, this dazzling green fireball was witnessed in several states, including Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and here in North Dakota.  According to an article on Space.com, the American Meteor Society's website received 39 reports about the fireball, including 6 videos and even a photo.  Most of these videos came from home surveillance cameras, like "Ring" doorbells.

I've seen many shooting stars over the course of my life, but this is "gigantic" compared to any I've witnessed.  According to Space.com fireballs are basically tiny space rocks that enter the Earth's upper atmosphere and break apart  while they are streaking through, during their meteor phase (also called a shooting star)  If any fragments make it to the ground, which doesn't happen to often, those pieces are called meteorites.

So, that's what you saw early Sunday morning, if  you were stumbling home from a late night of partying.  No need to call Will Smith or Bruce Willis.  Nothing "paranormal" going on in these neck of the woods.  At least this time.


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