Sometimes you just need a big, fat, thick milk shake or some people call it a malt. If you were looking for the best milk shake in North Dakota, where would you go? Lucky for you, we have that information.

Now this information came from the Daily Spoon, where they asked college students, went to social media and checked out college polls to determine the best milk shake in every state. From personal experience, I know most people are very passionate about milk shakes. With that said, you may agree or disagree with this list. I've always found the best food items can be found at little mom and pop stores or drive inns, from little towns.

According to The Daily Spoon, the best milk shake in North Dakota is at Krolls Diner. Specifically ask for the Oreo Milk Shake.

Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

The list of the best milk shake in every state can be found here.