This will get people talking. North Dakotans' are a very proud people. We love our state, we love our heritage. But, when push comes to shove, we love our community. This brings us to this question, "where is the smartest city in NoDak"? We think we have the answer. And we also know most people will want to debate this. Remember, we did not conduct the study, we're just reporting the results.

We turn to Only in Your for the answer. The method used to come up with the 10 smartest cities in North Dakota was fairly simple. They looked at SAT scored through out the regions. First, North Dakota is a very smart state in comparison to the rest  of the country. We have higher SAT scores, higher graduation rates and we have learning institutions that attract people from around the world.

Here are the smartest cities in North Dakota-

  1. Fargo
  2. West Fargo
  3. Grand Forks
  4. Bismarck
  5. Minot
  6. Mandan
  7. Valley City
  8. Williston
  9. Jamestown
  10. Wahpeton

You can read more on the methodology used to determined the top 10 smartest cities in NoDak here.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images