It shouldn't come as much of a shock that North Dakotans are Googling 'oil jobs' more than any other occupation, but what some other state's residents are searching for might.

A website called Zippia recently used data from Google Trends to figure out which occupation states are Googling more than any other. In North Dakota, it's 'oil jobs,' because, well, that's what a lot of people have come to the state for.

In other states, though, the Google searches are much more interesting.

For example, people in North Carolina are actively searching for 'pirate jobs,' while those in Georgia want to test their skills on the pole with 'stripper jobs.'

How could it possibly get better than 'stripper jobs,' you ask? Well, in California, the most Googled job is 'lion tamer' and, in another shocking surprise, the most Googled job in Wisconsin is 'beer brewer.'

You can check out the full map below and see more results HERE.