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1) It's Lindsay Lohan she can't take care of herself much less another human being.

2)Lindsay Lohan is a substance abuser which automatically would jeopardize the baby at conception.

3) Lindsay Lohan forgets everything- to show up to court, to put on underwear, to pay her rent assumingly she would forget the baby too.

4)Lindsay Lohan would have to do a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich show of "Who's The Daddy"? Charlie Sheen, Max from the Wanted, Samantha Ronson, the bodyguard, the jail mate?

5)Lindsay Lohan has no job! What movie, show or music release does she have on the horizon? Ok, "Scary Movie 5".

6)Lindsay needs help, the kind that's going to take a few years and lots of self-reflection.

7)Lindsay Lohan is self-centered pure and simple. Until Lindsay can see past herself it would basically putting a child in harms way.