Many North Dakotans face being kicked-out of their homes that they were forced to stay in for a good portion of the year. Even with the help of the $1,200 stimulus check and the weekly unemployment checks, some families are struggling to pay the bills. Could homelessness soon become a real problem in North Dakota?

According to KX News, fewer North Dakota renters were evicted in July 2020 than in July 2019. It sounds like good news, but there is potential to see a spike in homelessness in our state. KX News is reporting that 21 percent of renters in North Dakota are facing eviction. The report says, "Between 16,000 [and] 23,000 households in North Dakota are at risk of eviction as a direct result of the pandemic," (Data for August 2020 from the National Low Income Housing Association). If tenants can't pay rent, they are basically at the mercy of the court system when a landlord files to evict.

Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court told the InForum that, after the eviction suspension was lifted in April, there was "a quick spike in eviction hearings mainly due to postponed cases, as landlords could still file eviction paperwork during the suspension." Now, the unemployment checks are smaller, rent still needs to be paid, and landlords can evict tenants who can't pay. Get details from the InForum here.

Do you think that we will see a spike in homelessness in North Dakota?


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