We all know that the job market in the Bakken is insane... but have workers become so scarce in Williston, ND that they are able to offer a starting wage more than 2.5x the national minimum?

While I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed today, I came across this photo of what the photographer claimed is the the 'now hiring' sign at the Williston Walmart. While I know that starting wages in the Bakken are inflated more than everywhere else due to the lack of workers for open positions, that just seemed a little extreme to me (I am still relatively new to the area, after all). After searching around a bit, I found multiple stories that all confirmed this to be true... but they were all dated back in June.

Wanting to know if this is still the case in Williston, I contacted the store directly. Speaking with the store manager, she was able to confirm that they were indeed hiring (although only temporary employees for the holidays) and that the starting wage was, in fact, still $17 an hour.

If you were to put in a full 40 hours a week, that would come out to more than $35,000 a year!

I'd actually consider moving up to Williston to take a job like that, except that won't really get you much up there. After all, rent in Williston is higher than in New York City.

Still though...that's obscene for an entry level position! Only in North Dakota.