It was a good weekend at Tires Plus in North Bismarck. This past Saturday (August 1), Hot 97-5 and US 103-3 picked the grand prize WINNER for "Trick My Ride" with Tires Plus. All summer long, you have been getting qualified to WIN from Tires Plus. We have been hooking you up with oil changes from Tires Plus and qualifying you for the grand prize of $3,000 in products and services!

Our grand prize WINNER was Nikki Hafner, but we really have to give winning credit to Nikki's friend and "good luck charm," Jess! Qualifiers were able to send stand-ins to claim the grand prize if they weren't able to make it to the giveaway. Jess was the winning stand-in.

Here's how we picked our winner: it was a Larks' Day out at Tires Plus in North Bismarck, so we implemented baseball fun into the final giveaway. When qualifiers checked-in, we wrote a number on a Larks baseball, tossed it in a bucket, and gave the qualifiers a ticket with a corresponding number. Once our qualifiers were all checked-in, we randomly drew baseballs, pulling numbers, and winding down to the last baseball - the winner.

After drawing and calling a bunch of numbers, we got down to the final three qualifiers - numbers 26, 6, and 1. Number 26 was drawn, then number 6, and the final draw was number 1, believe it or not! Jess (standing-in for winner, Nikki Hafner), WON $3,000 in products and services from Tires Plus! Can you imagine how much upgrading you can do to your vehicle with that kind of prize?

Congratulations to Nikki Hafner, and thank you for everyone who qualified and came out to play. It was a fun Saturday at Tires Plus in North Bismarck with Clark the Lark, Bismarck Bull Moose, and Tires Plus for the "Trick My Ride" grand prize giveaway!

Trick My Ride With Tires Plus

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