You'll have to see the video to believe it, but Minot, ND native, Wiz Khalifa has been doing some serious MMA training.

The video shows the rapper training his punches with FOX's Jay Glazer, then working with UFC star Cat Zingano on some kicking drills. According to TMZ sources, Wiz Khalifa has been working hard, training day-in, day-out for the past three months.

This particular workout happened while the rapper was on vacation. Wiz was on a trip to Calfornia's Napa Valley with his girlfriend, Izabela Guedes, Glazer, and Michael Strahan. However, while he was in between some wine tastings, apparently he had a chance to strap on the gloves and hit the gym. In a recent interview with TMZ, Glazer mentioned that Wiz has put on 15 lbs in the past three weeks, while training for about four hours each day.

The rapper recently made news in early July when the music video from his 2005 hit, "See You Again" (with Charlie Puth) surpassed Psy's "Gangnam Style" for YouTube hits and became the most watched video ever with over 2,897,575,000 views. It's a pretty safe bet that everyone back home in North Dakota let out a Psy of relief when that happened.

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