There's been an arrest at Justin Bieber's rented Atlanta mansion and guess what? It wasn't The Biebs who was placed in cuffs. Whew!

It was just a woman who somehow gained entry and access to the house on March 5 and ended up in a bedroom.

Here's how it shook down. The niece of the person that rents the crib to The Biebs alerted authorities to the fact that an Asian woman was found fast asleep in one of the bedrooms, according to TMZ. The niece discovered the napper when she arrived at the dwelling around 5PM.

Cops showed up and woke up the woman, Qianying Zhao. She claimed that she met the singer on Twitter and was there for a birthday party. The Biebs did turn 20 last week, but he celebrated elsewhere.

Zhao realized she was too late and missed the, uh, party, so she invited herself in to wait for The Biebs. She entered via an open door.

She was promptly arrested for criminal trespass and cuffed.

We don't know if the singer was home when the trespass and arrest went down. We're just glad he wasn't the one at the center of the fracas. He has enough legal troubles to contend with.