People regret tattoos for many reasons, but one man's "young and stupid" decision is causing a problem within his current relationship.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet for advice, his fiancé revealed she wants him to remove one of his tattoos: his ex-wife's name.

"Am I being unreasonable to ask my fiancé to get a tattoo removed or covered up? The tattoo is his ex-wife and her kids' names," the anonymous woman wrote via Mumsnet.

The woman explained that when her fiancé was 19, he married a 30-year-old woman who already had two children. He decided to ink their names on his back as a wedding present to her. However, they divorced after five years of marriage.

"He wanted kids in the future, and she didn't want any more," the woman detailed, adding her fiancé "hasn't seen or spoken to them since the divorce eight years ago."

"He said he was young and stupid and regrets wasting those years. I'm not jealous or anything. I know he had a life before I came along!" she added.

Meanwhile, the topic of covering up or removing the tattoo has come up in the past.

"He forgets it's there, and it doesn't bother him because he can't see it anyway! It was a little awkward explaining to my family on holiday last year. I've asked him if he ever thought about getting it removed or covered up, and he said he would rather spend the money on us, the wedding, or a nice holiday," the woman continued.

She speculated that part of the problem may be that he's scared of the procedure: "I think he may be scared of the pain. He hasn't said this, but he is not very good when it comes to pain!"

Now she's wondering if she's being unfair by asking him to remove or cover the ink.

"I'm sure if I told him how much it's bothering me, then he would do something about it," she wrote, adding, "I just wanted to check if I was being unreasonable as it is his body, so his choice at the end of the day. What do you think?"

In the comments section, Mumsnet users were divided, with some offering ideas and advice and others calling her "controlling."

"It's up to him, yeah, I wouldn't like it either, but you've tried to speak to him about it, and he clearly isn't that bothered," one person wrote.

"Tattoos are expensive, especially a cover-up, generally it's better to go much larger and have the focal point not on the covered-up area — so if he's not flush with money, I can understand stalling it," someone else shared.

"YABU [You Are Being Unreasonable]. He is not bothered, and you knew about the tattoo when you decided to spend your life with him. It's very controlling behavior to ask him to remove it. Your insecurity is not reason enough to force him to undergo removal treatment," another reader commented.

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