With the start of fall classes, no doubt you've found yourself with a lot less time to spend with your Xbox. But those zombies still need killing, so why not invest in some quality equipment to make it that much sweeter when you do get the chance to decompress? 

"Turn your dorm room in to a gamer den"  on KFYRTV.com outlines how to outfit your college home to make it an envy-inducing gaming Nirvana. But since  you are on a pretty tight budget, after all, we've narrowed it down to three absolute essentials (console, controller and headset):

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    Xbox 360

    Sure, it's not the One, which is likely what you're really lusting after; but let's face it, beggars can't be choosers. This console still kicks some serious... um, you know... and if you're a hardcore enough gamer to be reading this and haven't already splurged on the next gen, you probably already have one. And if you don't, you have a...

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    Playstation 3

    Of course, you don't need both, but everything we said about the 360 goes for the PS3. It only depends on whether you believe Sony or Microsoft to be the better gaming giant. Discuss.

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    Power A Fus1on

    The controller you're using to shoot that virtual gun must work as flawlessly as if you were operating a real gun. This one will do just that Just keep in mind, you won't have any room to blame it on the lag with one of these.

  • Pavel Losevsky/ThinkStock

    Turtle Beach XP510's

    It's not a great idea to be blasting a killer surround sound system when your roommate is studying for finals. In fact, that can lead to bloodshed... and not the stuff you're seeing on-screen. So keep it to yourself with these.