The worst part of Zac Efron having his jaw wired shut, other than having to drink soup through a straw? Having his so-called friends say outrageous things about him while he's unable to defend himself!

Zac's co-stars in the upcoming film 'That Awkward Moment,' Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, have a LOT of fun at his expense in a new video promoting the movie.

The 26-year-old Efron suffered a broken jaw in a fall on Nov. 10, slipping on a puddle at the entrance of his home. At least, that's the story as the world as known it -- up 'til now!

Teller and Jordan have their own version of events, and they cheerfully offer up salacious details while Zac sits there, holds his jaw and looks, well, awkward. According to his co-stars, Zac's accident occurred after giving a girl "the worst sexual experience of her life."

"The absolute worst, but she was getting into it," Jordan says, adding that it was so bad that the girl grabbed a "heavy book [and] slammed it right into [Zac's] beautiful face." Teller and Jordan celebrate their silly story with a high-five. Of course they do. Poor Zac.

In happier news for the actor, he seems to have healed beautifully -- and his beautiful smile is back!

Watch the 'Awkward' Zac Efron Video