As North Dakota celebrates 125 years, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some our state's interesting and fun facts! 


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    World's Largest Hamburger

    Rutland, ND invited 8,000 people to help eat the world's largest hamburger. A 16-foot frying pan was used to cook the burger while a crane was brought in to help flip it. The hamburger weighed in at 3,591 pounds!

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    Smallest Town

    Before dissolving in 2002, North Dakota's smallest town was Maza. In 2000 the population was 5 people.

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    State-Owned Bank

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    State Dance

    In 1995, North Dakota named square dancing the official American folk dance.

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    Most Snow Angels Made

    On February 17, 2007 the capitol grounds hosted 8,962 people to simultaneously make snow angels! This broke the previous Guinness World Record of 3,784 set by Michigan Technological University in 2006.

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    Large Producer of Beef

    Ranchers in North Dakota are able to produce enough beef to make 113 million hamburgers every year. There are also about three times more cattle in the state than people!

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    19th Largest State

    North Dakota's surface area is the 19th largest in the U.S. behind Washington and South Dakota!

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    Lewis & Clark

    Throughout their expedition, Lewis and Clark spent more time in North Dakota than anywhere else.

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    Wildlife Refuges

    North Dakota has more wildlife refuges than any other state. There are a total of 63 national wildlife refuges covering over 290,000 acres!

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    High Church Attendance

    There are more churches per capita in North Dakota than any other state. This results in the highest percentage of people who attend church!

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