With temperatures reaching the upper 80's and 90's this next week, you might want to think twice before leaving certain items in your vehicle.

Save yourself from some possible dangerous, or messy, situations by keeping the following 10 items out of your car.


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    Sunscreen is a necessity if you plan on spending time outdoors. The sunscreen loses effectiveness the longer it sits in a hot car which puts you at higher risk for sunburn. In extreme cases, the sunscreen may reach a temperature that can actually burn skin.

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    Medication is designed to be kept at room temperature in dry conditions. Heat may cause some prescription and over-the-counter medications to lose potency. Although not often life threatening, you may have a harder time treating a headache or soar throat.

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    If you have expensive or prescription sunglasses you should avoid putting them in the special compartment provided by most vehicles this summer. Extreme heat can warp the frames or lenses. Metal frames can reach a temperature that is way too hot to put on your face.

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    There are still many people who listen to CDs in their car and DVDs are becoming more popular to help pass time during road trips. Similar to sunglasses, these items warp and melt making them no longer viable.

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    Electronics including cell phones, cameras, laptops, or MP3 players can be damaged in high temperatures. A memory card can become too hot and quit working or plastic pieces may melt together. The battery can also burst and cause harmful acid to leak out.

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    Concealer, lipstick, moisturizer, and other types of makeup can melt into a gooey mess and leak out of their containers. Hairspray, or any aerosol can, should not be left in a hot car because the pressure may build up and explode.

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    Crayons are a fun and simple way to entertain children in the car. When they melt, however, it is almost impossible to remove them from seats or floors. Be sure to remove crayons from your vehicle and check under seats to make sure you have them all!

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    We have all kept groceries or leftovers in our car while running a few quick errands. According to the USDA, food kept in temperatures 90 degrees or above should be refrigerated within one hour to avoid food poisoning.

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    Wine, Beer & Soda

    Wine should not be left in the car if temperatures reach greater than 78 degrees. The taste may be altered or the cork can even pop out creating a huge mess! Beer and Soda, similar to aerosol cans, can burst if they get too warm.

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    Disposable Lighters

    Warning labels on disposable lighters suggest they should not be left in the sun for a long period of time or in a temperature of 120 degrees or higher. An explosion can occur under the right conditions so take your lighters out of the car when you are done!