We see new businesses opening up all the time, but which ones do we really wish would come to the Bismarck-Mandan area? Which ones should we really push for?

Think about other places you've lived. Think about places you've traveled. What stores would you like to see here in Bismarck? What restaurants would you love to have nearby?

The possibilities are endless.

I've compiled a list of places based on things I've heard people say they would like to see here, and even based on a few Facebook posts.

Side note: I'm hoping that putting this out in the universe will help manifest it and make some of these happen for us. Humor me as I attempt to plant the seed.

12 Businesses We Wish Would Open In Bismarck

We can dream, right?

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

That's It

I'm sure I'm forgetting some amazing businesses, but there you have it. --There's the top 12 different stores the people of Bismarck-Mandan have told me we desperately need in the area.

I know some of them are a little out there, but go big or go home, right?

If I found a magic genie lamp and only had three wishes to bring some of these stores and restaurants to the area, I think I would narrow it down to HomeGoods, White Castle, and Trader Joe's.


What store do you wish we had? What restaurants do you wish we had here?

Send us a message through the app, and let us know. Thanks for reading!


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