We've all been pulled over a time or two, or three. Well, maybe not all of us, but many of us have had the dreadful experience. Not to say it's not our fault for the stop, just that it's not fun. Your heart drops to your stomach, you forget common sense, and start crying. --Or that's what I do at least. Don't judge.

Unmarked Cars

We don’t see it happen often, but it could very well happen to you. You could be speeding you could miss a stop sign, or you could be on the run. Do you know what to actually do if an unmarked police car tries to stop you? 

It's an uneasy situation; there’s always that fear that an unmarked car trying to stop you isn’t all legitimate police officer. So, what do you do if you've been unmarked police car does stop you?

Feeling Uneasy?

According to State Farm, if you are nervous about getting pulled over by an unmarked car and unsure that it is legitimate, you should do the following

1. Pull over slowly, but do it in a public area. Avoid side streets, if possible.

2. If you felt the situation was sketchy, you could also call 911 to verify that the unmarked vehicle pulling you over is an on duty officer.

3. You can ask to see the officers badge and photo ID. If they refuse, you could also ask to call another officer to the scene.

The source also says if for any reason you feel threatened or unsafe, you can call an emergency number.

North Dakota's Law On This

Each state is different, but in North Dakota, according to World Population Review, police officers in unmarked cars, patrol, and make traffic stops, but they must use sirens/airhorns and keep their emergency lights on throughout the traffic stops. These lights have to be red white and visible for 500 feet.

According to the source, there’s been a lot of debate about what the appropriate circumstances are for using unmarked officers and unmarked cars, so they do have a lot of people advocating for strict for stricter regulations. That said, there are some situations where it might be might be necessary to have these unmarked cars. 


Have you ever been pulled over by an unmarked car? Have you ever seen one around North Dakota? Do you think it’s fair for these kind of vehicles to be patrolling? Hit me up to the app and let me know what you think.

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