Sometimes, just for fun, I look at home listings in the Bismarck-Mandan area. I like to see what's out there, guess the prices, and look for interesting quirks in some of the homes. I also do a little perusing through the million dollar listings, as if I might strike gold someday. *Sigh*

You Might Want To Get In On This:

I actually follow a Facebook page called "Zillow Gone Wild". It may just be the best Facebook page in existence, not to be too dramatic.

We're Listing Again, Because YAY, FUN!

I decided to put together a list of some of the strangest things I've seen lately, and believe me, there are a few doozies. There are a few instances here where I'm genuinely confused, so if you have an explanation, please reach out. Also, if these are your listings or any of these happens to be your dream home, I apologize. What do I know, anyway?

Weird Things Spotted In Bisman Home Listings

Here are some strange things you might notice while looking for your next home.

That's all I've got for ya. Hopefully this hasn't scared you away from home buying, but instead, gave you an eagle eye. Maybe you saw a few of these and got inspired to fix it up and give it a facelift. If so, more power to you.

Ultimately, I can't be too much of a hater, because I live in an apartment. If you live/lived in any of these homes, you're doing better than me. Again, this was just meant to be a playful take on home décor, and styles. Most of these listings came from, if you're curious and want to look them up. Until next time. TTFN!


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