I am one of the lucky ones who was still able to work from the office this week. But now, the weekend is here, and I will do my civic duty and stay home. Though, I might go a little stir-crazy. Now, normally, I love a weekend at home with my fiance and pets. But, now that I'm being told to stay in, I'm a little bit salty about it.

You may be grumbling about being cooped up as well, but I think we shouldn't let the weekend go to waste. There are so many fun things you can do from home. Now, I live in an apartment and have zero kids, but I have some fun ideas for families who are stuck inside this weekend.


  1. Binge-Watch TV - Check out your favorite Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) and the newest Disney releases on Disney+. Or, you know, catch up on the latest crime documentaries on one of the many other streaming services.
  2. Have an At-Home Spa Day- hair mask, face mask, bubble bath with candles, mani/pedi (Ahhh, so relaxing).
  3. Teach your Pet a New Trick - I call my favorite trick "Which one?". Basically, put a treat in one hand, hold both hands in front of you, and have your dog "sniff out" which hand has the treat (My Yorkie, Penelope, is an expert at treat sniffing). 
  4. Learn a New Recipe - I find all my favorite new recipes from Pinterest and The Pioneer Woman.
  5. Play Games - Some of my favorites include: Cards Against Humanity, Scattergories, 5 Second Rule, Settlers of Catan, Guillotine, Uno, and Rummy
  6. Put together a puzzle.
  7. Play Video Games - I am no "gamer," but I do like older games like Donkey Kong and Guitar Hero (In fact, my family and I might have to get the Guitar Hero band back together).
  8. Spring Clean and Organize - 'Nuff said.
  9. Make Up a Fun Game - Blow up a balloon, hit it back-and-forth, and don't let it hit the ground (That was a favorite in my household, growing up).
  10. Makeover Idea - Have your man do your makeup without any help.
  11. Makeover Idea - Do your man's makeup.
  12. Read a Book - I think I'm FINALLY going to start "Girl, Wash Your Face."
  13. Have a "Netflix Party" - Stream your favorite shows with friends, ALL WHILE you're socially distancing yourself.
  14. Have a Talent Show - Do you have a hidden talent? 
  15. Use Your ImaginationSet up a tent and "go camping" in your house, make a "home theater," etc.
  16. Conduct Family Interviews - Call and interview your grandparents (can you imagine the history they've lived through BEFORE Coronavirus?).
  17. Get Money-Smart - This is the perfect time to learn new financial planning strategies.
  18. Support Businesses in Town - Since you can't sit down and eat in an establishment, you can buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant and use it down the road (this also supports the businesses you're buying from).
  19. Video Document Your Quarantine Journey - Do a "video journal" of your quarantine and share your crazy time-in with the world.
  20. Learn A New Workout - You can try Yoga, Dancing, Martial Arts, etc. There are many videos you can find online to learn a new workout.

How will you have fun while you're at home this weekend?

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