Giving Hearts Day comes early thanks to Gate City Bank.

So many individuals and businesses step up every year for Giving Hearts Day and hopefully, this year will be bigger than ever before. It's a 24-hour event raising funds for nearly 550 charities across North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.  Since it launched in 2008, big-hearted donors have dug deep and come up with more than $112 million which goes directly to these wonderful charities. This year there are 550 participating charities- click for the full list here.

Giving Hearts Day 2022 is taking place Thursday, February 10.

There are many ways to donate- dollars are always appreciated but so is your time.  Volunteer hours are crucial to charities and will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.  New items, used items, gift cards, they'll all find use at your favorite charity.  Giving Hearts Day is great for individuals or business groups to make a real difference.  Many of the donations will be matched dollar for dollar based on businesses matching donations.  That's where Gate City Bank delivered in a big way this year.

Pictured above is my darling Daisy, an adoption from the great folks at Furry Friends.

Gate City Bank put together a campaign to have the public nominate groups they wanted to see receive $10,000 during this year's giving hearts. Here's the pitch from their Facebook page...

After I'm sure an enthusiastic response with supporters fueled by their favorite charities the winners were announced in a pretty snappy piece of animation

If you watched the award presentation video, you saw that Bismarck/Mandan/Lincoln's Furry Friends Rocking Rescue was one of the five organizations to receive $10,000 from Gate City Bank for Giving Hearts Day.

But it seems the giving was just beginning.

Gate City Bank had another trick up their sleeve and apparently another $10K in their pocket. This is from the Furry Friends Facebook page.

We were so excited when we learned that we won Gate City Bank donation but we had no idea that they would give us the opportunity to give $10,000 to a another charity in need. We in rescue know how hard it is, how expensive it is but also how important saving animals is! We are so excited to be able to help our friends at Kitty City ! Gate City Bank has been so generous and so involved with GHD and we are so grateful! 

So not only did Furry Friends get ten grand, they were able to help another great local rescue Kitty City by gifting them $10,000 too!  Don't think this means these two organizations aren't still looking for your support on Thursday, February 10th but thanks to Gate City Bank these two groups are off to a great start.

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