Schools are being bombed, innocent people are losing their lives, homes, and cherished possessions. Every day Ukrainians are experiencing something awful. --Something most of us probably couldn't even imagine. While we know this is happening, the issue seems to be fading into our peripheral.  

Imagine This... 

To those who call Ukraine their homeland, this is something that constantly occupies their thoughts. Imagine you left everything you knew behind... your friends, your family, your culture to go to another country. Imagine that after you left, your home no longer existed. -- Or at least not in the way it used to. Imagine your family being in danger or very near it. How would you sleep? What would you do?

Sarah Yearsley
Sarah Yearsley

A Man With A Plan 

 A Ukrainian man now living in Bismarck named Victor Bravo, along with his other business partners are doing everything they can to help those in need. 

Bravo, organized a fundraising sale; it’s taking place today at the Kirkwood Mall in the old Herbergers. 

Feeling It From Far Away: 

Bravo says that though he is now here in the United States, he’s still feeling the ramifications. 

“As the war is still going on some people, including myself, are getting tired and mentally exhausted. But thinking about my relatives gives me understanding and strengths to keep working hard,” said Bravo. 

I’m Sure You Heard 

Last month, Bravo and his partner took donations from the community, and now they’ve set aside those items for sale. At the rummage sale you will find beautiful china sets, epoxy art and local artists’ work. 

They are also selling bakery items, borscht, and pastries for the cause.  

Funds Raised: 

Funds raised will go to help Ukrainians who’ve lost everything as a result of the Russian invasion. 

“There are so many people are in need, they lost their home and belongings. Pretty much nothing can heal them now, only time. Just a little attention and understanding that someone thinks about their sorrow can give them a little comfort and hope to keep living,” said Bravo. 

 The rummage sale will be going on throughout the day today, though Bravo and his partners plan to continue their fundraising efforts even further. 



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