Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great sadness that we announce the "Greatest Show on Earth" will not be happening this year.

It seemed like things may have been looking up in 2021 - So. Many. Concert. Announcements. But, alas, we already have a big event cancellation. Thanks to the pandemic, them El Zagal Shriner Circus has been postponed for the season.

In a press release, The Circus Committee of El Zagal made the announcement that the 2021 Shrine Circus will not be going on this year. The release stated, "The decision was a difficult one, however it makes the most sense to us, our community, and our Fraternity." As sad that it is to get more event cancellation in the new year, we can plan for next year's Shrine Circus.

Did you know that the Shrine Circus has been a big event for over 100 years? According to the Shrine Circus' website, the variety show under the big top tent began in Detroit, Michigan back in 1906. Since the Shrine Circus' inception, the event has been taken all over the United States. At the Shrine Circus, a person can see acrobats, elephants, and other exotic animals - oh my!

The people who run the circus would like to thank all of their members, families, volunteers, and committee for continued support.

Hopefully, all events will be able to make a comeback by 2022.

Do you think there is a chance that we will see a lot more pandemic-related event shutdowns in the new year?

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