According to an article on Valley News Live, the first North Dakotan's who were vaccinated are showing no ill signs 24 hours later.  Sanford hospital healthcare workers who were given the coronavirus vaccine are speaking out in Fargo.  “I feel great,” said Dr. Avish Nagpal with Sanford Infectious Disease and Medical Director Infection Prevention and Control. “No major side effects, just a little soreness in the arm, very mild.”  Dr. Nagpal was the very first North Dakotan to get the vaccine, and said it did not prevent him from doing his usual activities.

Others to speak out who received the vaccine include, Sanford Clinical Care Leader RN Melanie Allen, "I didn't have any side effects," according to the article.  Allen went on to say,  she has a little tenderness, but that's about it.

Sanford hospital in Fargo, said it will be into 2021 before the vaccine will be available to the general public.  For now, the Health Department is helping the hospital get their weekly supply of vaccines, and letting employees know by email who's next in line.

In Bismarck, St. Alexius hospital received their first shipment of the vaccine for healthcare workers on Tuesday.  St. Alexius in Dickinson, North Dakota is expected to receive the vaccine today.  The North Dakota Health Department in Bismarck is expected to receive their first round of the vaccine today as well.

According to a facebook post on our station facebook page, some people in Bismarck Mandan are still very concerned of about long-term side effects that could be associated with the vaccine.  They also made comments concerning how quickly the vaccine was made available, and potential problems.

At least 24 hours into the vaccine, so far, so good.

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