President's day is Monday and many of us are lucky to be off of school and work. What can you do to maximize your holiday enjoyment? Here's a short list I put together to guarantee some fun in Bismarck-Mandan.

1) Hit the hills -Huff Hills is open on Monday for you to hit the slopes.

2) Walk it out- a walk around downtown Bismarck, around Kirkwood mall, through a park or through your neighborhood will make your body feel great and give you some fresh air to shake the winter blues.

3) Call friends and gather- good conversation,good food and drinks are a score on any holiday.

4) Taxes- not the sexiest thing to be doing but if you have the day off Getterrrrdone!

5) Gym- hit it for an hour or two, crank HOT 975 in your ears with the Radiopup app and boost your immune system and feel great.

6) Movies- Safe Haven, Side Effects, Beautiful Creatures are all waiting for you now at the Grand Theatres. Grab friends, grab popcorn and enjoy.

7)Book it- that book that has been calling your name read it.

8) Reality show catch up- Kardashian's, Real Housewives,Catfish, Mob Wives whatever your guilty pleasure show is. Catch up and we won't tell anyone.

9) Maximize your comfy clothes- no where to go means maximum relaxation- pajama pants, yoga pants.

10)Mani and pedi- just because its cold doesn't mean your nails and toes can't sparkle. Use the day off to treat yourself to a beauty treatment that will make you shine during the rest of the week.