In the wake of Sunday night's sparkling Oscars ceremony, and with prom right around the corner, you might be wondering just how all those actors and film-makers stay so flawless throughout the night. It's true: most of them have expensive professional stylists, and some even have their hair and makeup done for them. While those things are not an option on a more average family budget, getting and staying red-carpet glam is simpler than you think. While glamming up for the big dance, keep these things in mind:

2 Must-Haves for a Strapless Gown or Plunging Neckline

As you may already know, you don't have to go braless to pull off a strapless or low-cut top or gown. Strapless bras are easy to find on any budget, and a good number of traditional bras are convertible with removable straps. But even those won't do with a plunging neckline (if your school and parents will allow it, of course!) or a backless number. For a backless style, you'll need a backless adhesive bra - they're more comfortable and supportive than you might think. For a very low neckline, you could go with a plunge bra, individual adhesive cups (like the ones that come in the Bundle Monster three-piece set above), or even just a set of pasties if all you need is to avoid showing off a little too much.

No matter the type of bra you choose, you also want to make sure that killer gown stays put. There's nothing more unbecoming than a girl who is constantly tugging at clothes that keep slipping or shifting out of place. Keep some adhesive bra tape around and use it anywhere you don't want shifting to cause an embarrassing malfunction.

What to Put in That Tiny Handbag

Chances are, your prom night bag isn't anywhere near big enough to fit all the stuff you carry in your everyday bag - and you're not going need all that tonight anyway. Pare it down to just the essentials: take your debit card or cash and your ID out of your wallet; take only the keys you'll need off their ring; and there's no need to carry an entire makeup kit. Use an eye shadow and a blush that either will stay put or each come in a single compact, as opposed to a large palette. Buy lipsticks, liners and mascaras in mini sizes if possible, but if not, they generally fit pretty neatly in the bottom of most evening bags anyway. As for applicators, leave the long and/or fat brushes that might leave makeup all over the inside of your bag at home; instead, throw in half a dozen cotton swabs for eye shadow or lips and a couple cotton balls for blush and face powders. Practice with these at home before the big night, because you'll likely have to use slightly different application techniques with these than you do with a brush. Cotton balls also work nicely for absorbing any oiliness that might develop during all the dancing you plan to do. Throw in a small comb and some extra pins for your hair if needed, and you're all set!

For an Instant Nip/Tuck

The average girl has at least one area that she wishes were smaller or firmer or smoother, particularly when they're wearing an unforgiving dress or anything form-fitting. That said, we are the last ones who will ever tell you your body needs to change. But if you would like to smooth out some lines or pull it in and firm it up, quickly and for a fraction of the price of surgery, you might want some good shapewear. You've probably heard of Spanx, the most reputable and celeb-touted brand of shapewear. Spanx can be a bit pricey, but if you've got it to spend, they really are worth it! On the other hand, if you'd rather pay a bit less, check out Walmart's selection -  they offer shapewear products of all types, some for as little as a quarter of what you would spend for the Spanx version of the same.