Have you ever wondered how many times a North Dakotan was on the show?

"The Price Is Right" Daytime Emmys-Themed Episode Taping
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Keep in mind there could be more instances where a North Dakotan made it on the game show. Here are three.


April 2007 Lyle Lauf

In 2007, Lyle Lauf, a man from Washburn, North Dakota appeared on the show. According to the Jamestown Sun, he made sure to represent our state by wearing a North Dakota sweatshirt.

The source said Lauf didn't think he would get chosen to play, as there are roughly 325 people at any given taping of the show.

To his surprise, he was chosen and got to play the game when he was asked to put a price on a rug.

According to the source, Lauf won a pretty big prize -- a brand-new car. He scored a 2007 Pontiac Vibe. How cool?!


October 2009 -- Bethany Olson

According to Inforum, Olson was a student at UND (University of North Dakota). She was chosen as the final contestant on this particular taping of the show.

The source says she was asked to put a price on a men's watch. She got to spin the big wheel twice and ultimately ended up winning $6,000.


February 2019 --Gwen Kreft

This Bismarck woman did really well on the show. According to KX News, Kreft won ten country albums, a record player, two headsets, a Bayliner boat, and a complete kitchen appliance set.

The source said she wanted to gift her prizes to her son. #MomOFTheYear

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