It is not yet a state mandate in North Dakota, but a lot of businesses are requiring face masks. In the past few days and weeks, stores like Walmart, Target, Bismarck Menards, and CVS recently announced new rules for shopping. Now, other types of businesses are beginning to implement mask rules, too. This week, a North Dakota casino announced that face masks will be required.

On Thursday (July 16), 4 Bears Casino & Lodge in New Town announced via Facebook that masks will be required in the casino. The new mask rule will be implemented as of opening time today (Friday, July 17). The casino's Facebook post said,

To continue helping keep everyone safe, effective July 17, ALL customers entering the Casino & Lodge are REQUIRED to wear a face mask while inside. We will also be taking temps as customers come inside the property. Thanks for your cooperation!


After being closed for a couple of months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, 4 Bears reopened in May. At that time, they had new procedures for operation, but masks were not yet a requirement. Check out more on that here.

I am torn on this whole mask situation. I mean, I understand the push to wear them and I also understand the push-back against them. But remember, whatever your thoughts on the whole mask situation, it is important not to take your frustration out on employees at these businesses. They are only doing their jobs and are most likely nervous and frustrated about these major life changes, just like everyone else.

What are your thoughts on a face mask requirement in public?


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