If someone gave you a thousand dollars -- or better yet, ten thousand -- and told you that the only restriction on how you spend it is that it has to be something completely and utterly frivolous, something you would never buy under any other circumstances... what would you spend it on? Can't decide? Here are a few ideas.

  • Eduard Titov/ThinkStock

    Serge Lutens Cosmetics

    With a whole range of products, from $55 lip pencils to $200 perfumes, this brand is not for those prone to sticker shock. With $1,000, you might be able to create one look for day and one for night. If you stretch it.

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    A Tory Burch Dress

    Yes, one Tory Burch dress, like the one at left, from the designer's Fall 2014 collection. With plenty to choose from in the $1,000-and-under range, the average going rate on one of these frocks is actually almost $1,600. At that price, even ten grand would buy you just five, leaving room for sales tax. The label is heavily favored by celebrities, and each item has a price tag worthy of one.

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    7 For All Mankind Jeans

    7 For All Mankind jeans average around $200, which may not seem like much if you have a thousand to blow. But considering that these look like pretty much every other pair of jeans on the market -- and the chances that you wear jeans to crawl around in the dirt with your kids or clean out the attic, as opposed to walking the red carpet -- spending that much on one pair is indeed awfully frivolous.

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    Christian Louboutin Shoes

    From basic black pumps to bold spike-embellished animal prints, the Christian Louboutin label has it all. And we're guessing that Christian Louboutin the man does too, given that one can easily spend $800-1,000  or more on just one of the iconic designer's creations.

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    The Hermes Birkin

    You better hope for the $10,000 windfall if you want one of these, and even that may not be enough. Depending on the materials used, how many were made, and how in-demand it is, a Birkin can cost a whopping $30,000 -- or more. And that's once you crawl to the top of the two- to four-year wait list. Oh, and you'll need to drive to Chicago to pick it up. The Birkin is only sold in Hermes stores, and the nearest one to North Dakota is in the Windy City. Don't believe it? Here's the proof (along with a catalog of online items -- ones that $10,000 might actually buy).