Just about every state has a few laws on the books that will have you scratching your head.  North Dakota is no different.  I did some research and here's a list of laws that really need to be abolished or at least modified.

For example, did you know according to Only In Your State, in North Dakota it's illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on?  First off, I can't even sleep with my socks on, let alone with a pair of shoes on.  That's just messed up.  On second thought, maybe this is a law we should keep.  We don't need people like that in our state.

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In Fargo, you could be jailed for wearing a hat where dancing is going on.  Again, according to Only In Your State.  I wonder if they would let you off if you had a Bison hat on?  I'm thinking that is a "get out of jail FREE card."


This is really silly.  According to Only In Your State, beer and pretzels can't be served together at any establishment in the state.  Pretty twisted.  Get it?

Baseball party food with balls and glove on a wood table.

Next, if you have a sandbox, it's illegal to keep an elk in it.  That's according to Only In Your State.  First off, not many elk running around our suburban North Dakota cities.  Secondly, what would possess somebody for wanting to keep an elk locked up in a sandbox?  Who was smoking what, when they came up with this one?

Single Bull Elk with antlers in green grass.

Finally, and the last of five crazy laws in North Dakota, According to Only In Your State it's LEGAL to shoot a Native American on horseback provided you are in a covered wagon.  So messed up.  This law needs to be changed immediately.  Call a special session TODAY!

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There you have it.  Five head-scratching laws in North Dakota.  Thank God we've evolved.  Somewhat anyway.


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