As much as we would like it to be, life and love is not like a fairytale. There are ups and downs and sometimes falling outs.

You look forward to your wedding day, and when it finally comes you are elated. Your friends and family smother you with love and well wishes on this new chapter.

Time goes on, you're faced with challenges, hardships, disagreements and other curveballs. Over time, your marriage loses that spark.

While that is the tidy scenario for many couples, for some, divorce can be a much different picture.

Grounds For Divorce In North Dakota

Have you ever wondered what the legal grounds are for divorce in North Dakota? According to, there are seven grounds for divorce in our state.

7 Grounds For Divorce In North Dakota

Here are seven reasons you can file for divorce.

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Those are the seven grounds for divorce in North Dakota, but other states have some of the following:


While you might read that and think it relates to financial support, that's not the case According to, this is when a marriage has become insupportable because of conflict or discord.

Mental Hospital Confinement

According to the source, some states allow a person to file for divorce from their spouse if the other party has been confined to a mental health facility for three years and is unlikely to recover.


While I hope it never comes to this in your marriage, it is better to know these things, should a situation ever develop/arise.

Remember: it is important to contact a lawyer for advice and counseling if you decide it is necessary to go forward with a divorce. They will help you navigate the legal process and tell you what to expect and whether or not you have legal grounds when it comes to your claim.

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