This morning when I let my pup outside to do her business, I actually had a mosquito land on my arm.  As dry as we have been, I ALMOST felt sorry for the creature, and let him take a drink of me.  However, my animal instincts kicked in, and he's no longer on this earth.  I also saw one last evening on our front porch, so there's defiantly a new hatch of the little blood suckers.  We did receive a half inch of rain last Saturday night, and what little standing water we have must of done the trick.

We do have a chance for more rain this week, especially Thursday night.  We have a 50% chance of Thunderstorms and some of those could be severe.  Water equals mosquitos.  I think we all could agree, we will take the mosquitos at this point.

The good news is, there are several things you can do to help keep mosquitos away from your yard.  According to the Mosquito Authority, here is 5 things you can try if the mosquito population begins to increase in Bismarck Mandan.

#5  Keep your lawn short.  This is where I might be having some problems.  I'm keeping my lawn very high because of the drought.  According to lawn experts you should mow your lawn on 5, to avoid burning it.

#4 Get rid of any standing water.  I'm also failing this one.  Some common areas where water builds up.  Trash can lids (I had standing water in mine), old tires, bird baths (you should change the water once a week) and wheel barrels.  I at least passed that one.  Mine is upside down.

#3 Use safe repellents.

#2 Wear light colored clothing.  Dark colored clothing tends to attract skeeters.

#1  Consider hiring a professional.


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