Every state has crazy laws that go unbeknownst to some people, so in case you didn't know previously, here they are.

Although some laws aren't always heavily enforced, at some point, they made it into the state books. It's uncertain why these still exist, but according to Only In Your State, here are seven crazy North Dakota laws that you may not have known existed.

  1. Charitable groups can hold stud poker games to raise money only twice a year. We know fundraisers can be great causes, just make sure when you hold them, you have to limit the gambling.
  2. It's illegal to keep an elk in a sandbox in your own backyard. We all know your kids love their pet elks, but the sandbox is not a legal living habitat for them. Possibly in the tree house, but not the sandbox.
  3. (Somehow) It's legal to shoot a Native American on horseback, but only if you're in a covered wagon. ***DISCLAIMER*** Don't shoot anyone, EVER! There's no joke here.
  4. It's prohibited for bars and restaurants to serve both beer and pretzels simultaneously. There's a good chance this law is constantly being broken, but we're pretty sure everyone's just going to let this one slide.
  5. It's illegal to swim naked in the Red River from 8AM to 8PM. But if you're in the mood for baring it all any other time of the day, go ahead and jump in.
  6. Wearing a hat while dancing or at any event where a dance is happening, is not allowed. It's even a more malicious crime if you use the hat as a prop while performing a dance...Just kidding, but seriously, that law exists.
  7. It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on. Apparently if you're in a public place and you feel yourself starting to doze off, you need to make sure you take your shoes off. You would think that releasing the power of your foot odor on to everyone else would be a crime itself, but apparently not so.

Well there you have it, seven of the craziest laws in North Dakota. We're sure there are more, but in the meantime, just be careful where you keep your pet elk and make sure you know what time it is when you decide to go skinny dipping in the Red River.