I was pretty happy when we finally got some snow just in time for Christmas.

After all, who doesn't like a "White Christmas?"  However, after a couple of long cold snaps and it looks like more of them in the near future, let's just say I'm over winter.  I found myself thinking of warmer weather and maybe getting out of Bismarck Mandan for a few days and breaking up the winter just a bit.

Do you dare to fly right now?

I know the sound of flying sounds a little scary right now with the way they've been canceling flights because of this never-ending pandemic we have going on.  However, sometimes you have to roll the dice and take a chance.  I actually found some pretty cheap flights out of Bismarck.  In fact, here are 8 round-trip flights for under $250 bucks a person.  Prices, of course, will vary depending on the dates selected and don't forget about those extra fees.

Please keep in mind prices for airline flights are always changing and these prices are as of 1-13-22.

According to Microsoft Bing Travel here are some flights you should consider snatching up this winter out of Bismarck.

Bismarck to Denver:  Denver can be anywhere from 60 degrees to snow in the winter, but it's a great winter destination.  Some of the best skiing you'll find in the country.  You can fly from February 8th to February 15th roundtrip for only $197 per person.

Bismarck to Phoenix:  Phoenix is always a good choice in the winter.  Ten's of thousands of snowbirds can't be wrong.  You can fly from March 1st to March 8th roundtrip for only $161 dollars.

Bismarck to Minneapolis:  Okay, this one is not for warmth, but maybe you want to do some shopping, visit family or check out a Wild or Timberwolves game?  You can fly from February 5th to February 8th roundtrip for only $179 dollars.

Bismarck to Las Vegas: Vegas is always a good bet in the winter.  Whether you want to hit the strip or just enjoy some warmer weather, Vegas is always a great vacation.  You can fly from February 5th to February 8th for only $239 dollars.

I also found 4 flights from Bismarck on Allegiant Air to Las Vegas, Daytona, Phoenix, and Sanford, Florida for all under $250 dollars roundtrip.  Can you say fun in the sun?

I hope this helps you plan out a winter getaway away from the cold of North Dakota and into some fun.


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