Cinco de May is on the horizon, and many of us are gearing up for the day of celebration.

First things first, if you don't know anything about Cinco de Mayo, it's a Mexican holiday celebrated every year on the fifth of May. The translation of the phrase is literally the "Fifth of May."

Historically, the day marked a special event for Mexico. In 1862, Mexico defeated the second French empire in the Battle of Puebla, which was a symbol of Mexican resistance to foreign domination.

How To Celebrate

Obviously, we want to enjoy the holiday, but we also want to be respectful. Here are 5 easy and respectful ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


1. Make a Taco Bar

Invite a few people over to your house, set out all the taco ingredients you can think of, and chow down on this delicious Mexican treat.


2. Support Mexican-Owned Businesses

Shops, stores, and restaurants make sure you show our local Mexican business owners some love. If you don't feel like cooking up your own Mexican treat for the holiday, we have plenty of Mexican restaurants in the area you can visit.


3. Wear Green, White, and Red

You don't want to appropriate the culture, but sure, you can represent it by choosing an outfit with all the Mexican flag colors.


4. Decorate

Decorate your home or business with all things Mexico. Pinatas, flags, streamers, etc. Make it a true celebration.


5. Drink

Drink all the tequila and margaritas you can handle. The hangover is a problem for future you.

There you have it! There are five different ways to celebrate. Hit us up through the app and tell us if you have any fun/unique things you do for the holiday.


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