The last time I wrote about the 818 it was when we lost Specialist Tyler Orgaard and Sgt. Darren Linde. We mourned together and this Friday we will celebrate together as 100 members of the 818th return home to North Dakota.

The 818 began their path home when they immoblized in Texas on March 12th and will arrive this Friday in Bismarck at 11:30am.

Lets do a big HOORAH for the safe return of our North Dakota National Guard 818th unit. Thank you to them and their families for keeping us safe and defending our country.

In the words of Salt and Peppa "Whattta man,whatta man, they are mighty good men"  so excited they will get to see their families, kids, wives, girlfriends and friends! When you see them out I hope you take a moment to say THANK YOU!