When you're shopping for winter boots, you don't usually end up taking some mice home instead. That's exactly what happened with a family from Bismarck.

Imagine trying on boots and then a family of mice appears. That's what Talon and Deakon Riederer, along with their mother, discovered at the Bismarck KMart. The family of mice had been keeping warm in the fuzzy boots.

Everyone in the family seemed to keep calm after spotting all the mice, which included a total of eight. After asking permission from their mother, the kids kept the mice and were also granted permission from the KMart store to take the mice home.

A fish tank will be the new residence for the mice before they're released into the wild.

The mother, Sashta Riederer said she was proud of the compassion her children showed towards the mice in saving them. The Riederer family also kept the boots as well.

Bismarck's KMart has since brought in pest control to check and spray for more mice, but there have been no other signs of the animal(s).

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